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Nieświeć - breites Angebot

Check it out Polnische fenster !
Wir stellen Ihnen hochwertige Polnische Holzfenster aus Polen dar, die sich durch gute Dämmung der Wärme und Koeffizient U für ganzes Fenster von 0,8 bis 1,0 W/m2 auszeichnet. Sie haben auch die Anerkennung bei Kunden gefunden, weil sie auch sehr geschmackvoll aussehen. Um Ihren Anforderungen zu genügen, bieten wir Ihnen eine breite Auswahl an Fenstern.

Wire mesh cable tray systems

Check it out Wire mesh cable tray systems !
Then it turned out that the wire mesh cable tray systems purchased by the customer in the dark - they were completely necessary. Customer threw a lot of money down the drain. None of these things that has provided the customer has not been useful to me for nothing. To make such purchases must be at least a little familiar with it. Customer savings illusory but it failed.

Unique blouses available online

Check it out Blouse with high collar !
For all of the women whose style is as unique and original as they are - we have prepared collections for every situation. One of the most characteristic designs is our blouse with high collar. A bit of a fairy tale, vivid prints or plain, colorful materials - you make the decision and express yourself every day differently.

Auschwitz Birkenau tour

Check it out Auschwitz Birkenau tour !
The horrors of the WWII cannot be more vividly and directly described as in the Nazi concentration camps. Thanks to Legendary Kraków’s Auschwitz-Birkenau tour also you can see for yourself the conditions, nocturnal atmosphere of places of mass murders. If you are visiting Poland it is worth to take a while to get to know its history better.

Professional cast iron foundry

Check it out Butterfly valve !
Thanks to a modernized cast iron foundry our company can offer safety elements for industrial installations and piping systems. We provide various industries with products such as a butterfly valve, whichis very easy to install. The tap is suited, among others, for food industry, shipbuilding industry and power engineering.

Elements for ventilation

Check it out Roof cowl !
We recommend durable solutions, designed for proper air circulation inside and outside the building. Circular roof cowl from our offer can be connected to spiral duct or a flexible duct. The construction for ventilation systems is made of galavanized steel sheet. We can also recommend such types of this element as the exhaust air tower or a circular lamella hood.

Fixing powertraing components

Check it out Steering Repair !
Not only do we manufacture high quality metal elements (powertrain components, gears, shafts and discs), but we also provide services that include for example steering repair. Our qualified and experienced staff can fix powertrains and final drives for crawler dozer. We are equipped in universal test stands where we can check all type of units.

Law office in Poland

Check it out Law office in Poland !
When you are running your business in one of the countries in the Baltic Sea Region, you can count on comprehensive legal help from our company. It is a law firm with office in Poland and other countries in the area, which offers their advice and help in different issues a company might have due to diverse, complicated regulations of the country.

Luxurious bags and backpacks

Check it out Design accessories !
If you're looking for high quality gear that will take your style to the next level, you may look no further. We design accessories that are going to make you stand out while keeping the best possible quality. Our luxurious bags and backpacks will mix perfectly with each and every part of your car interior.

Corner profiles

Check it out recessed led strip lighting !
Whether it's your kitchen, living room or bedroom - the choice of lamps can turn an average space into a place with an incredible interior design. Recessed LED strip lighting comes in different shapes and sizes: they have different lengths and different compatible covers. We offer models in black or white.

Steel flanges

Check it out CNC machines !
To produce our steel flanges for pipeline connections we use several methods: plasma cutting, gas cutting and ring rolling. For this purpose we can also use CNC machines that enable the production of many elements in identical shape and dimensions. The whole process is mostly automatic and does not require a lot of supervision.

How to manage a company

Check it out Project portfolio management !
If you deal with administration in your company, you probably know how complicated this process is and how many factors influence various decisions. That's why it is worth using the help of specialists at different stages whose advises may be crucial. We offer you a professional project portfolio management.

Services for oil and gas industry

Check it out directional drilling service !
Among our broad offer provided for onshore drilling companies is the directional drilling service. It includes, for example, designing horizontal wells, supervision and consultations, vibration measurement with MWD type system. We work with professional equipment, such as jars, collars, inclinometers.

Laser treatment

Check it out Laser hair removal !
Our clinic offers a comprehensive laser hair removal treatment, using advanced technology that allows for the same effect with far fewer sessions. The cost varies depending on the selected body area. Full treatment consists of 3 to 6 sessions on the course of around 3 months and is suitable for all skin types.

Clincal testing instruments

Check it out Clinical chemistry assays !
We deliver a whole range of advanced instruments to perform clinical chemistry assays. Our offer includes precise and effective testing solutions - starting form compact analyzesrs, through easy-to-use calibrators, to reagent and control materials. We provide semi-automated devices that allow for accurate assessment in ja matter of minutes.

Medical examination

Check it out MRI sound system !
If you conduct medical examinations on a daily basis, this equipment will surely attract your attention. The MRI sound system is a very useful tool for both the patient and the doctor. Our headphones have bluetooth connectivity and integrated speakers, they will allow you a full communication and a music playing.

Shipping in EU

Check it out Boat transportation !
Are you looking for professional and trustworthy shipping service? You have just found one! Boat transportation is the best option within EU, as well as outside of Europe. Our aluminium vehicles will always lead you straight to your destination. Browse through the available models to find the best one for you.

Printing house necessities

Check it out gluing machine !
When it comes to printing houses, all of them need specific devices which will make the work not only easier but also very professional. One of the most necessary things are gluing machines which will easily stick together sheets of paper. They can be used for, for example, creating books or leaflets.